Sunday, 9 March 2008

UK Severe Storm - download near real-time sea level data from BODC

Forecasters at the UK Met Office have issued severe weather warnings for much of the UK from Sunday to Tuesday. Winds of 70 m.p.h. are expected across southern and western parts of the British Isles with perhaps up to 80 m.p.h. in exposed areas as severe weather brings the risk of high waves and flooding.

The Environment Agency has issued a severe flood warning for the whole of the Devon and Cornwall coast amid storm warnings for south and west Britain.

Near real-time sea level data from the UK Tide Gauge Network is available for download from the British Oceanographic Data Centre(BODC).

Stormy pier
High waves and flooding forecast ©

The UK National Tide Gauge Network of 45 tide gauges was set up as a result of severe flooding along the east coast of England in 1953 and is now owned and funded by the Environment Agency.

The Tide Gauge Network forms part of the National Tidal & Sea Level Facility (NTSLF). NTSLF is hosted by the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory (POL) and BODC is responsible for the management of the tide gauge data and their access via the web.

The NTSLF was established in 2002 to reflect the importance of national sea level monitoring to the public and government, as well as to the academic community. Quality controlled processed data are available for download — free of charge.



BODC said...

There are currently seven severe flood warnings on the south-west coast. It is feared water could spill over sea walls when high tides peak around midday.

BODC said...

High tides have now peaked along the south-west coast. There are currently 36 flood warnings in place in England and Wales. High tides are predicted again for this evening.

BODC said...

The MetOffice is forecasting further gales with winds gusting up to 60-70 mph to affect Wales, northern England and southern Scotland later today and through into Wednesday.

As this coincides with some of the highest spring tides for the year there is still a risk of high waves and coastal flooding and any flood warnings will be issued by the Environment Agency. Near real-time tide data is available for download from BODC.