Friday, 9 October 2009

'Online shopping' for data

In line with our goal to provide direct access and online delivery to all data holdings, BODC announces a major enhancement to our data request service.

The new release of the 'All data series' facility now provides online delivery for data (~ 60,000 series) held in the National Oceanographic Database (NODB). This encompasses physical, geophysical, chemical and biological measurements.

'Shopping' for data ©

The enhancements enable

  • 'anonymous' searching — search prior to registration or log in.
  • 'online shopping' — add data to a basket and check out your request.
  • extra choice in data file formats.
  • secure access control — authentication and authorisation.
  • auto-delivery of approximately 40,000 data series to academic users, with around 12,500 accessible to everyone.
  • auto-delivery of restricted data series to users with the correct credentials.
  • user request tracking and an auto-download facility.

This opens the way to the secure delivery of BODC's data holdings via various external data portals. A demonstration of the new functionality is available for you to view.

We are committed to improving our data services and your experience of our web site. Work is continuing to bring this functionality to our other data facilities and to enable online access to additional data.