Monday, 8 March 2010

BODC joins the SeaDataNet Virtual Data System

The British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC), with an initial contribution of more than 10,000 data series, has joined 24 other SeaDataNet partners actively providing data through the SeaDataNet Virtual Data System. The system is based on an index, the Common Data Index (CDI), which is populated with ISO19115-based metadata records to describe data stored in either netCDF or a simple ASCII format.

SeaDataNet partners in Europe ©

The CDI is searchable through a portal interface, which provides a range of filtering options to identify data (profile, time series or trajectory) of interest that may be added to a 'shopping trolley' for subsequent delivery.

Most data in the system are freely available under the terms and conditions of the SeaDataNet licence but some may require negotiation with the data owners before they can be released. User registration, which includes agreeing to the SeaDataNet licence, is mandatory.

The SeaDataNet partnership brings together 49 major European institutes and marine data centres from 35 countries in and around Europe. These include
  • 40 National Oceanographic Data Centres and Satellite Data Centres — representing the backbone of the marine data and information infrastructure
  • Research laboratories and modelling centres — experts in the development of value-added products
  • Four International Organisations
They manage large sets of data, originating from their own institutes and from other parties in their country, using a variety of data management systems and configurations.

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