Friday, 15 October 2010

NERC Environmental Data Centres - do they meet your needs?

The Natural Environment Research Council's (NERC)  Environmental Data Centres have responsibility for the long-term management of data and for providing access to NERC's data holdings. They also provide support and guidance in data management to NERC-funded researchers.

Understanding users' requirements and expectations, including obstacles that may prevent someone using data is essential to meeting user needs. Therefore NERC is seeking the views of the wider community and would be grateful if you could spare the time (10 - 15 minutes) to complete an online questionnaire which will be available until 19 November 2010.

Seeking the opinion of the wider community ©

We appreciate that you may have recently been involved in similar marine focused exercises, but would welcome your views in the context of NERC responsibilities as a whole.

Your response will help us plan for future developments, in accordance with NERC’s Science Information Strategy, and will provide the basis for further discussion and consultation. The results of the study will be made available through the NERC website early 2011.

NERC's data holdings and Science Information Strategy

The Earth is relentlessly changing. Tracing and understanding past environmental change plays an important role in the prediction of future environmental change. The data held by NERC consists of historical records accumulated over decades that provide a valuable resource to support research, survey and monitoring activities and for users in academia, government, the public sector, industry and commerce.

NERC has recently launched a new Science Information Strategy. It has been created to provide a framework to work more closely and effectively with the scientific communities, both internal and external, in delivering data and information management services to support its five year science strategy, the Next Generation Science for the Planet Earth.