Friday, 9 November 2012

Numerical model data portal

In line with our commitment to improve data access, the British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) announce the launch of our numerical model data portal. This provides searching, visualisation and data download mechanisms for numerical model data.
Initially the portal is populated with output from the Coastal Flooding by Extreme Events (CoFEE) project. As the data from more models become available they will be added to this portal.
An illustration of the visualisation service ©

Numerical models

Numerical models are mathematical simulations of environmental processes based on understandings gained from direct observations and/or theoretical analysis. They help scientists and managers to predict, understand and adapt to changes that may affect people and their environment.

More about the portal

The main features of the portal are
  • An easy to use, anonymous interactive search — search for data prior to registration or log in. Search options include geographic area, date, data parameter, model and simulation.
  • A visualisation service — this includes animations, cross-section plots and more. This functionality requires user registration and log in.
  • 'Online shopping' — add model data to a basket and check out your request.
  • File generation — Climate and Forecast (CF) netCDF files are prepared by subsetting on user criteria using OPenDAP technology. For large volume requests or during busy periods data preparation may take a while. The file generator service emails the user when the data are ready for download.
  • Request tracking and download service — 'my account' services allow users to track their request and return to download data at their convenience.


Special thanks are due to Jon Blower at the Reading e-Science Centre (ReSC) who kindly gave us his permission to incorporate his visualistion software as part of our numerical model data portal. We are also grateful to the British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC) for their advice on aspects of this development.

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