Friday, 26 August 2016

Changes to the NERC Vocabulary Server

The NVS2.0 service has been in place since 2012 and while the British Ocenographic Data Centre (BODC) has maintained the original NVS (NVS1.0) service to allow users to switch at their convenience, removal of the NVS1.0 service is necessary to allow future enhancements and functionality to NVS2.0. From December 2016 the NVS1.0 service, which is accessed from will no longer be available.
An example of XML output from the NVS ©

Vocabulary service users should ensure they are using the services as documented from
For users that have embedded NVS1.0 URLs within their data files the NVS1.0 URLs will be redirected to the equivalent NVS2.0 URLs, so updating of local data holdings should not be necessary prior to the removal of NVS1.0.
If you have problems switching to NVS2.0 or concerns over the removal of the NVS1.0 please contact before 01 November 2016.